What to Expect

We would be thrilled to have you join us as we worship our Savior together. All of us were new here at one time or another, and we remember what it’s like to walk into a church unsure of what to expect. Here are a few details about our services to help you feel more at ease.


What are your worship services like?

The style of our Sunday services are what you would expect to find in a traditional country church. You should expect a warm welcome before and during the service. (We have a time to shake hands when we get started to make sure we all have a chance to greet each other.)

We sing together from the hymnal, led by our music minister, pianist, organist, and (sometimes) choir. There is usually special music where someone sings a solo.

Then our pastor preaches a message from the Bible to challenge and encourage us as we try to follow Jesus.

The service closes with another song or two, announcements, and prayer. Occasionally we deviate from this pattern, but on your way in you’ll be given a bulletin that should show you what to expect that day.


How long are your worship services?

Our services usually last about an hour, sometimes less but rarely more.


What should I wear?

What you’re comfortable with. Our people come in suits, skirts, jeans, or overalls. We try to focus on the condition of our hearts and being ready to worship God.


Am I expected to give during the offering?

No. That is for our members to give to the work of the church and the missionaries and charities we support. You are our guest and are not expected to contribute.


Are you going to embarrass me?

No. Again, you are our guest and the last thing we want to do is embarrass you. We won’t single you out, make you stand up, or introduce you to the whole group.


What about my kids?

On Sunday mornings, we have a nursery for newborns through 4 year olds. Kids in K-6 come into the service for the singing portion before being dismissed to children’s church.


Where do I go when I get there?

Park anywhere in the gravel lot; there’s plenty of space. Come in through the glass double doors. We try to have a greeter there, but if someone has had to step away, come on into the auditorium (the wooden double doors right in front) and find a seat. There’s no assigned seating, so feel free to sit anywhere in the congregation. Someone should be available to greet you and answer any questions you have.


What if I’m not a Christian?

We’d love to have you with us, even if you’re not a believer in Jesus Christ. Faith in Christ is not something we’re born with, so we were all unbelievers at one time. Even if we don’t agree, we appreciate the open-mindedness it takes for you to come and hear what we have to say. Many of the studies our pastor leads explain that we don’t believe in Jesus simply because of blind faith, but on the basis of the evidence He left behind.


What kind of church are you?

If you’re asking about denominations, we are Southern Baptist. We think that the beliefs held by this group of churches accurately reflects what the Bible teaches and we appreciate being part of a cooperative effort that allows us to do more ministry together than we could separately.

But beyond that, we are a church that believes that Jesus died to pay for our sins, physically rose from the dead to give us hope, and offers forgiveness if we receive it by faith. We’re a group of people who realizes that we are sinners clinging to Jesus as our only hope, and trying imperfectly to follow His example and obey His commands.